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About Us

About Us

About Mesopotamia Group:

Over than sixty years have passed since the establishment of Mesopotamia Group, with each day; our visions and goals are growing even more hoping to meet the highest standards of excellence through hard work and professionalism.

All throughout this time, our policy has been to provide the Oil & Gas systems to the IRAQI & Middle East alongside with professional experience to supply, design, install and maintain these systems, whether through our local branches in Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk or our branches abroad in Amman and Dubai.

Today Mesopotamia Group is witnessing an outstanding growth on both managerial and technical levels so it can adhere to the economic development of Iraq.

As a multi-Disciplinary Organization, Mesopotamia Group provides different services covering Engineering Services, Procurement, Construction, Management and many other Services.

To assist us in our above mentioned aims, we continuously thrive to improve quality and fulfill highest levels of customer satisfaction, we proudly have placed a high priority on acquiring and retaining qualified staff, with a wide range of experience in Oil sector, Civil Electromechanical engineering, Road construction, logistics and skilled craftsmen are at the heart of this practice.

Finally, we aspire to always be the pioneers in this field and to meet all market requirements.