Mesopotamia Group


Designing & supplying

of Lighting Control  Gears

& Lamps system for street lighting


Designing & supplying of

Electrical Materials(Medium 

Voltage Switch gear for Boilers

& Demi Water Plant)

Supplying  of Diesel Genets

(2X250KVA +2X1500KVA)

with  training   programs

and supervising on the installation


Designing and supplying of

ex-proof Lighting  Fixtures

& electrical  materials

"accomplished for two Contracts"

Designing & supplying of

elevated steel tanks with

1300m3 shell vol

supplying and warranty 

Servicing of  more  than  600

soundproof diesel generators

Designing & Supplying of 

Ex-proof lighting Poles with 

fixtures and Junctions boxes

 Expansion and handling of

 LPG storage capacities for

 (Hilla, Rusafa & Nassiriya)

Servicing of 3 X 1MW

Diesel Generators

Supplying of Camera

Inspection systems

Supplying & installing of

Electrical L.V Control Systems

Designing & Supplying of

 MV electrical motors

Civil works for different

Zain Sites

Supplying of EX-Proof

lighting fixtures &

electrical material  

Designing & Supplying of

power cables

 Supplying of 3.3 KV motors


Road Construction

and tank buses

 Supplying of different types

& quantities of pressure gauges

Supply of different

electrical spare parts 

Complete Rehabilitation

of demi water plant

Designing & supplying of lighting


 system & materials (fitting, lamps)


 "accomplished for two Contracts"

Engineering design and supply for

Mechanical,Electrical & instrumentatiofor expansion

of LPG StoragCapacitieat

(Hamam Al- Alil ,Najaf, Rumadi,

Latifiah, Abu Graib and Aumarah)

Designing & Supplying of


 150W ,  36W LED lighting


fixtures & 2000WMH fixtures

Rehabilitation & production 

of vessels & Tanks  Using  Filling

& Coating Materials